Area on record pace for number of school bus accidents

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Unfortunately, the greater Tampa area is on a record-setting pace this year with respect to the frequency of school bus accidents, with many area counties seeing a marked increase in the number of these types of accidents. Hillsborough County, for instance, is on pace to be up 25 percent over 2017.

Other counties in the area posted similar numbers, with one county showing a 27 percent increase and another showing a slightly more modest, but still concerning, 7 percent increase. One locale is on track to more than double the number of school bus accidents since 2017, although this may be because the number of accidents in the area is low to being with.

Some counties have been successful in bucking what seems to be a trend toward more accidents. One county in particular saw in 8 percent decrease in the number of accidents, to bring the number of accidents to the lowest since 2012. This is in spite of the phenomenal growth this area has been experiencing. The district in the area attributes their success to additional training and more careful and frequent checks of drivers’ traffic records.

Hopefully, other districts will follow this good example and implement safety measures that counteract the problems and risks that are naturally inherent with solid population growth and related traffic problems.

For those whose loved ones have been the victims of school bus accidents, whether as passengers or as other motorists, legal options may be available to them through a number of different provisions in Florida law.

Because cases involving commercial vehicle accidents can be complicated, it is often advisable for victims or their families to get the help of an experienced personal injury and vehicle accident attorney in the Tampa area.


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