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Bus accidents and other accidents involving large commercial vehicles are quite likely to leave at least one person seriously injured.

For one, the size difference between a commercial vehicle and a private passenger vehicle is significant, meaning that the smaller car, and the people inside it, usually bears the full brunt of the accident.

It is not a surprise, then, that people walk away with very serious injuries, including permanent injuries to the spinal cord or to the brain. These injuries can leave a person needing a lifetime of medical care and relying completely on others for support. Such injuries can cost a person millions of dollars just in actual financial losses, not to mention the fact that their pain and suffering also has value.

Because the stakes are so high, it is often a good idea for a victim of a commercial vehicle accident to get the help of an experienced attorney who has knowledge of how the different courts operate in the counties in and around the Tampa area.

In this respect, our law office has devoted years of their practice to helping victims of commercial vehicle accidents get the compensation they deserve, even when their injuries wind up costing a trucking company or its insurance carrier millions of dollars. We’ve earned a reputation for taking strong positions when negotiating, as we use our knowledge of the special laws and rules that apply to commercial vehicles and that may give our clients an advantage in prosecuting their claims.

When negotiations fail or need some prodding along, we are also known for using aggressive moves in litigation, always with the ultimate goal of getting our clients both justice and the money that they need to move on with their lives.


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