Common behaviors exhibited by drunk drivers

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Drunk driving is a serious threat to the safety and well-being of every person on the road. Operating a vehicle with an elevated blood alcohol content can significantly increase the chance of an accident, and innocent people can suffer. Florida readers understand the dangers and unnecessary risks associated with drunk driving. 

Law enforcement strives to stop drunk drivers, but people continue to engage in this dangerous behavior. It can be helpful for drivers to learn how to recognize common behaviors demonstrated by drunk motorists. This may help you avoid accidents, but if an accident does happen, drivers have the right to seek compensation through a civil claim

How do drunk drivers act?

According to law enforcement, drunk drivers often display some of the same behaviors. As a driver, knowing what they are can may help you spot a drunk driver in enough time to alert law enforcement or avoid a collision. Some of these behaviors include the following:

  • Braking erratically and for no apparent reason
  • Driving without headlights
  • Making extremely wide turns
  • Driving at erratic and inconsistent speeds
  • Drifting in lanes, swerving or driving with one’s face exceptionally close to the windshield
  • Failure to stop appropriately at intersections
  • Reacting slowing at stoplights, stop signs and other signals

Drunk driving may be a more serious problem that many people think. In 2017, there were over 24,000 drunk driving convictions in Florida alone. Every day, almost 30 people across the country die in accidents related to alcohol.

You may feel there is little you can do when someone makes the negligent or reckless choice to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. In fact, you can take action to hold liable drivers accountable after an accident by seeking compensation through a civil claim.

Protecting your rights starts now

If you suffered injuries in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, you have the right to seek financial compensation through a personal injury claim. You may feel overwhelmed by the impact your accident had on your life, but you do not have to walk through the aftermath alone.

Accident victims have rights. You can protect your rights and interests by seeking a complete evaluation of your case in order to full understand your legal options. You may be unsure of what you can do after a drunk driving accident negatively impacts your life, but you are always entitled to an explanation of the choices available to you.


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