Dump truck accident injures three children

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

A dump truck driver traveling on U.S highway 301 collided head on with a passenger car, injuring three children from the greater Tampa area, resulting in injuring one them critically. The other two children were listed in serious condition. The woman who was driving the car that was struck was a 40-year-old who seems to have been the children’s mom and has also suffered serious injuries

According to reports, the dump truck driver was heading in the opposite direction to the victims’ car. The driver was apparently not paying careful attention to the road and did not see that a third car had stopped in order to make a turn. To avoid hitting this car, the trucker swerved but wound up hitting the third car anyway. His truck continued to travel in the lane of oncoming traffic and then hit the victim’s SUV head-on. Rescuer workers had to take the youngest child, a six-year-old, to the hospital by life flight, but they used ambulances to take the other victims to the same hospital. The driver of the third car suffered minor physical injuries that did not require a trip to the hospital. The accident also closed the highway for hours.

Since their vehicles can cause so much damage, it is imperative that drivers of dump trucks and other commercial vehicles pay careful attention to what is happening in and around the road in front of them. When they are distracted or even just inattentive, a negligent driver of a commercial vehicle can cause serious injuries.

Victims of these types of accidents may need to use the legal system in order to get compensation for their losses, and they may want the help of an experience personal injury attorney who knows how to handle Florida commercial vehicle accidents.


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