Improving safety for those who use alternate transportation

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Tampa-areas roads can be dangerous for all Florida travelers, regardless of whether they are walking, riding a bus or driving a car. Congestion, roadwork and other drivers can all increase the chance of an accident that may leave innocent people injured. Pedestrians and cyclists often face a higher risk of serious injury because they are largely unprotected against the impact of an accident.

If you drive through Tampa, you know there are many ways the city can make it less hazardous for the individuals who choose to walk or ride a bike to work. Thankfully, authorities have plans for certain improvements to do just that. The intent of these improvements is to allow all types of travelers to share the roads safely and with a lower chance of collisions.

Improved safety on Tampa roads

Many people choose to walk or ride a bike as a primary mode of transportation because it’s cheaper, easier and more practical for their individual situation. This choice can be particularly dangerous for those who live in West Tampa. For those who walk or ride a bike to public transportation hubs along Kennedy Boulevard and Dale Mabry, they have to share space with car drivers who are often speeding and not paying attention. 

The city is working on plans that will make this area safer and providing designated spaces for pedestrians and cyclists. Consider the following about these plans:

  • There are currently no sidewalks or bike lanes in this area, and the plans include adding these spaces.
  • These changes include plans to add bike lanes on roads that connect with major thoroughfares and transit hubs in the vicinity of Kennedy Boulevard and Dale Mabry.
  • There are also plans to include traffic circles and more signs that will hopefully get drivers’ attention and allow cyclists to move through traffic safely. 

When drivers are inattentive, reckless and do not properly share the road with cyclists or people walking, it can lead to serious accidents and grave injuries. Injured cyclists and pedestrians may have grounds to seek compensation through a civil claim.

What are your rights? 

Whether you were a pedestrian, a driver or were riding your bike at the time of an accident in Tampa, you could have a valid reason to move forward with a civil claim. A complete evaluation of your case will help you understand the specific legal options available to you and whether or not you have a rightful claim to restitution for your pain and suffering.


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