There’s hardly such a thing as a true auto ‘accident’

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People use the term “accident” fairly broadly, especially when they are referring to collisions between two or more vehicles. In this broader sense, accident just means something that no one caused on purpose, which is indeed the case in the vast majority of car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents.

However, people also use the term “accident” to refer to something that was beyond the control of anyone or, in other words, was just a set of circumstances that led to inevitably bad result. When it comes to collisions on the road, there is hardly such a thing, at least if one trusts recent statistics.

According to these statistics, the vast majority of car accidents, 94 percent, can be traced back to an error or omission on someone’s part. In other words, the reality is that in over 9 cases out of 10, the accident was preventable in the someone could have been a bit more careful.

These statistics did not categorize accidents by how serious they were, nor did they break out exactly whose fault the accident was. Nevertheless, they should prompt those who have suffered injuries as a result of an accident at least to ask whether compensation might be available to them through a lawsuit against the other driver or drivers.

After all, getting in to an accident is expensive when one thinks about all of the medical bills and expenses as well as the earnings one is likely to lose during the course of their recovery, a course which can take years or even the rest of one’s life.

Even if the responsible party did not mean to cause harm and was not being particularly thoughtless, it is still only fair that he or she takes financial responsibility for his or her mistake.


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