Driver hits several Tampa-area school children

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

As part of what seems like a nationwide epidemic of drivers hitting students trying to get on school buses, rescuers in the Tampa area had to take 7 people 5 children and 2 adults to the hospital. The children in the auto-pedestrian accident at their bus stop, while the adults were rescue workers who got hurt while traveling to the scene.

According to reports, two of the victims had what police called serious injuries. One of the children was critically injured, but authorities expect all of the victims to survive the accident. Some of the children involved were under 10.

Police say that the driver who hit the kids remained at the scene of the accident. Police have not yet announced what charges or citations, if any, will be filed against the man. Some witnesses did describe the driver as moving quite fast in the vicinity of the school bus, although the police were not prepared to say the driver was exceeding the post speed limit.

In any event, though, it is almost axiomatic that drivers need to be especially careful around school buses, in school zones and other locations where children are often present. Motorists must slow down to a speed suitable for the conditions, and they also obviously need to obey the stop arm if the bus driver extends it. Finally, they should pay careful attention to their surroundings to make sure they are aware of all children in the area.

Drivers who do not drive safely around school buses run the risk of causing a serious accident that can leave children permanently injured. Should this happen, the families of victims may have legal remedies available to them.


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