St. Petersburg man hit by car, seriously hurt

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

A man in St. Petersburg suffered what police called life-threatening injuries as we crossing the street in the city, which most readers recognize as part of the greater Tampa Bay area.

According to police, the man was crossing the street but was in the middle of a city block when doing so. The driver of the vehicle that hit the man, who apparently stopped and cooperated with the police, claimed he simply had not seen the man. The accident happened in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day.

Whether and to what extent the man who got hit, who is a young adult, will be able to recover from his injuries remains unknown. However, what is important in this case is for Floridians to remember that they should not write off the young man’s right to receive compensation just because he was crossing in the middle of the street.

Drivers of cars have an ongoing duty to always be on alert for pedestrians even when they are in unexpected places. Moreover, Florida has what is called a comparative fault statute, which means that if a pedestrian may have contributed to his on accident to some degree, he is still entitled to some compensation from the driver if the driver even contributed in some measure to the accident.

The man who got hit in this latest auto-pedestrian accident in the area will likely have some costly medical bills, and he also will likely have to miss weeks or even months of work while he recovers from his injuries. Depending on the nature of his injuries, he may need ongoing rehabilitative care.

He may be able to receive compensation for all of these injuries depending on a number of factors that a lawyer can help him sort out.


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