How well are laws against texting and driving working?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Florida and other states have taken steps to reduce the ongoing problem with distracted driving. Among other steps, lawmakers have been willing to pass measures aimed at curbing texting and driving by giving law enforcement the tools they need to pull over and fine offending motorists.

However, there is some question as to how effective these measures are at reducing distracted driving, particularly distracted driving involving the use of technology. While the laws seem to stop the behavior they prohibit, there was no consensus as to whether there were actually fewer accidents because of these laws.

Moreover, a recent survey of 12,000 motorists in another state suggests that people might not be getting the message that distracted driving is very dangerous behavior. The survey found that 23 percent of all motorists observed were distracted while driving, either by their cellular phones or by some other in-car distraction.

Moreover, while an analysis of the survey noted that, over time, fewer people were seen talking on their cellular phones, this change was not significant enough to suggest anything substantive. Even worse, the number of people seen touching their phones actually increased between 2014, when a similar survey was conducted, and last year, when the most recent study concluded.

It did seem, however, that fewer people were trying to hold their phones while driving, suggesting that motorists are now under the impression that distracted driving is okay as long as one has both hands on the steering wheel.

Such is clearly not the case, as even mental distractions can cause serious car accidents. Tampa residents who have been injured by a distracted driver can and should consider pursuing compensation for their losses.


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