Teen driver’s vehicle flipped, leaving him critically injured

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Car Accidents |

A teenager who was driving in a town about 60 miles away from the heart of Tampa, Florida, was critically injured recently in a hit-and-run accident. The accident was recorded on a security camera.

Based on initial reports, the teenager appears not to have been at fault for this car crash. It appeared from video that the teen was traveling along a major federal highway when the driver of a minivan pulled out in front of him. The driver of the minivan was trying to turn on to the same highway.

While the teen attempted to swerve, the minivan still struck his vehicle. The teen’s vehicle flew through the air and rolled several times before coming to a rest. In the process, the vehicle struck two parked cars. The teen was transported from the scene to a nearby hospital. He was reportedly in critical condition.

Unfortunately, the driver of the minivan remained at the scene for a few seconds and then decided to leave. The Florida Highway Patrol, which is investigating the accident, has yet to find the driver of the minivan. The Patrol has called upon the public for help in locating the driver.

Generally speaking, drivers who are turning on to a highway must yield to vehicles already traveling on it. What complicates this accident, however, is that the driver of the other vehicle fled the scene of the accident and has yet to be located. Hopefully, police will be able to find the driver, but if they cannot, it could make obtaining compensation for the teen’s injuries more complicated from a legal perspective.


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