How many drinks are too many to drive?

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Some people will find any reason to have an alcoholic beverage. They may be going to happy hour after work, they may be celebrating a holiday or special occasion, or they may be taking a trip to the beach or going camping. While these events can be fun, if a person consumes alcohol and then tries to drive home, it can lead to a drunk driving accident that could injure others on the road.

Most people in Florida understand that if a person’s blood-alcohol concentration is 0.08% of above, they are too drunk to drive safely. However, even if a person’s BAC is below the legal limit, any alcohol they have consumed could still affect their ability to safely operate their vehicle.

For example, if a person’s BAC measures at 0.05%, their coordination and ability to track moving objects, such as other cars on the road, may be compromised. They may find that it is more difficult to steer their automobile. In addition, they might find that their ability to properly respond to an emergency has been compromised. As this shows, even three alcoholic beverages may be too many for motorists to meet their duty of care to drive reasonably.

Motorists who have consumed alcohol may try a variety of ways to sober up enough to drive. They may eat a big meal, drink some coffee or roll down their window for fresh air. However, these tactics won’t work if a motorist is drunk. A drunk driver is a negligent driver. If a person drives drunk and causes an accident that injures another person, the injured party may want to determine if they can pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Doing so may not only provide the injured party with the financial compensation they need following the crash, but it can also be a way to hold the drunk driver accountable for their actions.


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