People often choose their jobs over traffic safety

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Many people in the greater Tampa area know that their jobs are important for their livelihoods and thus do what they can to keep their employers happy. This desire to get ahead at one’s workplace means, among other things, that an employee will be available to communicate remotely.

Indeed, many employers have come to expect their employees to respond to communications outside of normal work hours.

When it comes to traffic safety, however, this expectation presents a problem in that it can lead to texting and driving.

In this respect, a recent study suggested that, at least in theory, many employers do not want their employees to use cellphones while driving in order to handle work-related communications. In other words, they are mindful, to a degree, of their employee’s safety.

However, this same study suggest that Florida employers may be sending mixed messages to their workers, particularly in business and professional environments.

The vast majority, almost 9 out of 10 of the executives and managers surveyed, said that they expected to be able to reach their employees while the employees were not in the office. Some of these executives even said that they expect employees to frequently pick up their phones while away from work.

Florida employees should remember that their employers’ expectations cannot serve as an excuse for texting and driving. After all, distracted driving can lead to severe car accidents that could leave the employee, as well as the people he or she injures, unable to return to work at all or for a very long time. At a minimum, a driver can always pull over somewhere before responding to an urgent text.

Victims of those who text and drive do not have to accept such negligence or take excuses for it. They may pursue compensation for their injuries via a legal claim.


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