The reason behind the increase in pedestrian-involved accidents

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When a car strikes a pedestrian, the results of that type of collision are most often catastrophic. Pedestrians are unprotected against the impact of a car or other type of passenger vehicles, and they are extremely vulnerable to injury, even in a low-speed collision. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that pedestrian-involved accidents are at a 30-year high.

In 2018 alone, just over 6,000 pedestrians died in auto accidents across the country. You probably will not be surprised to learn that many of these accidents take place in big cites where there are more people traveling by foot, including a few cities in Florida. Some believe that one reason for this troubling trend is a lack of pedestrian friendly zones, and while this may play a role, many believe the true culprit is distraction and more larger vehicles on the road.

Concerns about pedestrian safety

States that are seeing the largest number of pedestrian accidents are also the states that experienced the most significant population growth over the last several years. When there are more people walking and riding in vehicles in the same areas, you know it is natural for the likelihood of accidents to increase as well.

The problem of pedestrian accidents is one that encompasses issues related to population booms, lack of sidewalks and even lack of access to public transportation. While all of these factors may play a role in the problem, distraction and large vehicles are still largely to blame. Consider the following: 

  • Over the last few years, people are buying more trucks and small SUVs than they are cars. These vehicles can cause more damage in the event of a accident.
  • From 2008 to now, there was a 4,000 percent increase in amount of data people use while on the road or walking.
  • In Florida specifically, distracted drivers who live locally are to blame for most collisions.

You may know that Florida lawmakers are considering measures that would ban all types of distracted driving and enact harsher penalties for those who violate this law. If passed, this measure could reduce the number of pedestrian accidents in the state.

The rights of injured pedestrians

If a pedestrian suffers injury in an accident, he or she may have grounds to seek compensation through a civil claim. If you are the one hurt or you are acting on behalf of a loved one, it can be helpful to seek legal guidance regarding the options available to you. It can be beneficial for your case to have help as you walk through the civil claims process.


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