How safe are self-driving cars, really?

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You are probably already aware of the fact that self-driving vehicles could be on the road with you in the near future. Many companies are currently in the testing phase of rolling out vehicles that will actually drive themselves. You, like many others, may have significant concerns about how safe these vehicles actually are and whether they pose a safety risk to Florida drivers.

The companies looking to produce self-driving vehicles insist they are safe, but there are reasons why you may think otherwise. Recent headlines have shown that some of these automated cars have been involved in accidents that resulted in serious or fatal injuries. Safety is a serious concern, and it may help you to learn more about how these cars work and what the statistics really say about safety. 

Why self-driving cars? 

There are many reasons why people believe that self-driving cars are not only beneficial, but also necessary for various reasons. Some of the benefits of these types of cars include increasing mobility for people who cannot drive, eliminating distracted driving and providing additional transportation options.

Human error of all types is the leading cause of car accidents. This includes everything from drunk driving to failing to properly yield. People suffer serious and fatal injuries in car accidents caused by human drivers every day, and makers of self-driving cars state that these vehicles will eliminate many of these things, making the roads much safer.

The greater threat

Like any other kind of innovation, it will take trial and some errors to get automated vehicles ready to share the road freely with all motorists. However, experts say that the payoff is significant. It is possible this technology could save numerous lives and avoid many different types of accidents.

As you consider the safety of these types of vehicles, also consider accident statistics. Approximately 37,000 people die in accidents every year, and doing everything possible to keep motorists safe is the ultimate goal.

Determining liability

Automakers are responsible for ensuring that any car they put on the road is safe, and drivers are responsible for making safe choices behind the wheel. Whether an accident is the result of an automated car system defect or human error, victims have the right to hold liable parties accountable.

There are complex legal matters to navigate regarding liability for accidents involving automated vehicles. Regardless of the nature of your accident, you may want to seek guidance and an evaluation of your case to determine the legal options available to you.


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