A closer look at distracted driving and truck accidents

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Truckers are behind the wheels of vehicles that are much larger and heavier than other types of vehicles on the road, and commercial trucks can cause significant damage in a collision. This is why distracted truckers are a serious safety threat. Every person driving a truck has the responsibility to drive safely and carefully, including avoiding distractions. 

Distracted driving is a huge public safety concern and one of the leading causes of accidents. If you have shared the road with a distracted driver, you probably noticed behaviors such as swerving, erratic speeds and more. While most people are aware of the risks associated with distracted driving, it continues to be a problem. Fortunately, technology may be able to help with this particular issue.

Potential solutions for a serious problem

Studies indicate that it is possible that distracted driving is a more frequent and serious problem than many people realize. Estimates suggest that there are approximately nine fatalities every day in the United States because of distraction. The trucking industry recognizes that distraction is a problem for drivers, and companies are implementing certain things that encourage focus while on the road.

One company that works with trucking companies to implement artificial intelligence said that distraction was to blame in some capacity in 70% of accidents involving trucks that used their system. Like other types of drivers, truckers are susceptible to distraction by their phones, but other things that may be to blame include:

  • Talking to someone else in the vehicle
  • Eating and drinking
  • Filling out paperwork

One of the ways that technology can help with the issue distracted driving is by using cameras. These cameras can allow a company to understand why a driver had to brake suddenly or what happened leading up to a collision. Other technological tools can allow the trucking industry to better understand driver behavior. In turn, this can allow for more effective and specific truck driver safety training.

Your rights as a victim

If you are the victim of a truck accident, you may not be certain exactly what factors played a role in what happened to you. A complete evaluation of your case and investigation may reveal that some form of distracted driving was to blame, and if so, you may be able to receive full compensation for your damages through a civil lawsuit.

Florida victims of distracted driving and truck accidents caused by the reckless and negligent actions of a truck driver have the right to pursue appropriate compensation through a civil claim. You do not have to suffer in silence, but you can seek recompense that allows you to pick up the pieces and move forward. 


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