Floridians who drive high can cause serious accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Most people in Florida understand that drunk driving is dangerous. If they cause a drunk driving accident, they could end up injuring innocent people.

In Florida, drugged driving is treated just as seriously as drunk driving. This is because drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin, can affect a person’s mental and physical abilities. Even certain over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs can have side effects that impair a person to the extent that they cannot safely operate an automobile.

For example, a person who is impaired by marijuana may be unable to react quickly to road conditions or the actions of other drivers. Their short-term memory may be affected, as may their hand-eye coordination. They may have a hard time concentrating. Finally, marijuana use can make it difficult to perceive time and distance. It is easy to see how driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal and can be considered a negligent act should the driver cause a car accident that injures another person.

Drugged driving should be taken as seriously as drunk driving. A person who causes a drugged driving accident may receive a DUI, but such penalties do not compensate the injured individual financially for the damages they suffered. Fortunately, when an accident is caused by a negligent driver, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury claim. Doing so may be a way to obtain the financial compensation the victim needs to cope with medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and the other damages they suffered.


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