Rear-end collisions and the threat of whiplash injuries

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Car accidents happen on Florida roads each and every day. Many collisions happen because drivers are too distracted to pay attention to what is happening around them. When a driver is looking at their cell phone, typing a text, or changing their music playlist, they may miss the presence of other vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians near them.

One common form of car accident is the rear-end collision. Rear-end collisions occur when drivers crash into the backs of the vehicles in front of them. Rear-end collisions can cause significant property damage to the vehicles involved and can leave victims with serious and painful injuries.

Whiplash is a common form of injury that can result from a rear-end collision. Whiplash happens when a victim’s head is thrown forward and backward, causing stress and strain to their neck. When a victim suffers a whiplash injury, they may experience pain, stiffness, reduced mobility, and a host of other difficult symptoms until they recover.

After a serious rear-end collision, a victim should be assessed for a whiplash injury or other injuries that may affect their immediate and long-term health. They may be referred to specialists for treatment and may be forced to take time off work to allow their injuries to heal. As they amass losses, a victim may worry about their future. A personal injury attorney can help them get answers to their legal questions and help with their concerns about becoming whole once again. An attorney can also help them file a claim against the person responsible for their accident, so they can recover compensation for the damages they suffered.


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