What does drinking alcohol do to the human body?

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Individuals in Florida who have legally consumed alcoholic beverages may understand the effects that the substance has on the human body. Alcohol can change individuals’ perceptions and can influence how they make decisions. It should come as no surprise to Florida residents, then, that alcohol can have a major effect on how safely and effectively individuals can drive their cars when they are under the influence.

For example, alcohol can impact how a person makes decisions and judgments. A person who is under the influence may not be able to recall how to appropriately respond in a dangerous driving situation and may cause a collision due to their inability to effectively process information. Similarly, alcohol can diminish a driver’s responsiveness. Since alcohol can make a person tired, it can directly impact a driver’s safe operating practices if they cannot hold their attention on the road.

Alcohol can change the way that a driver sees what is in front of them. It can influence how the driver perceives colors and can also cause blurring and double vision. Any vision disturbances can greatly impact how safely a driver may operate their vehicle, and when their vision is affected a driver may put themselves and others in dangerous situations.

Drunk driving is a problem in Florida and all other states throughout the country. When drunk drivers hurt other people, the can be held accountable for the damages that they cause to their direct victims and in some cases those who are related to them as well. It is important that victims receive case-specific support for their drunk driving accident claims and work with legal professionals that they know and trust.


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