Commercial vehicle accidents often result from preventable errors

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A mistake in any context can cause problems for Florida residents who are left to clean up the aftermath of the error. Nowhere is this truer than in the context of a motor vehicle accident. One distracted or intoxicated driver can cause an accident that hurts many individuals, causes significant pain and suffering, and forces victims to incur significant financial losses.

When commercial vehicles are involved in vehicle collisions, the damages can be extensive and severe. Sadly, though, many commercial vehicle accidents are caused by preventable mistakes committed by drivers, trucking companies, and others. This post will explain some of these preventable causes, but readers with questions about this area of the law should talk to their trusted personal injury attorneys.

Commercial vehicle accidents can happen when drivers are not properly trained to handle their rigs. Large trucks and other commercial vehicles generally require drivers to obtain special drivers’ licenses before they can be operated. Drivers who fail to obtain this education can put themselves and others at risk on the roads because they may not fully understand how their vehicles will respond under specific driving conditions.

Additionally, commercial vehicle drivers, like individual drivers, can be distracted by items inside and outside of their rigs. Distractions and the inability to look away from them can result in truck crashes with other cars, SUVs, and trucks. These distractions can take many forms, including cellphone use, reading, eating, grooming, reading billboards, at looking at accident on the side of the road.

Commercial vehicle drivers are subject to special rules and regulations to keep others safe. When drivers ignore these rules and allow their duties of care to lapse, they can commit preventable driving errors that result in serious accidents and injuries for their victims. When this happens, victims may be able to recover compensation for their losses by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.


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