Criminal sentence delivered after drunk driver caused fatal crash

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Hearing on the news, or through the grapevine, that anyone has been injured in a car accident is certainly hard to hear. However, when car accident fatalities happen, this is another level of tragedy. Such was the case when a mother, father and child were killed in a hit and run car accident. This happened back in 2017 and the criminal case has just announced sentencing for the accused.

According to reports, the woman not only hit and ran in the fatal accident, but was speeding in excess of 120 mph and was intoxicated at the time of the crash. It was determined that the fatal accident occurred when her vehicle struck the family’s vehicle which sent it into the oncoming lane of traffic, causing it to collide with two other vehicles before promptly bursting into flames. The circumstances of the crash were terrifying and the deaths were definitely not only criminal, but negligent.

There are likely loved ones who will be forever impacted by the loss of their family members. That’s why criminal case findings can matter, it can affect the relevancy in personal injury or in this case, in wrongful death suits against the accused. The drunk driver has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for her convictions for crimes surrounding the accident and for fleeing the accident afterwards.

In this instance, the family member’s deaths may have been preventable. Had the woman not been intoxicated, she likely wouldn’t have been traveling at such high speeds. Had she not be speeding she wouldn’t have hit the vehicle. Had she not fled the scene and cooperated with police she would have been in accordance with the law. There were many negligent moves on her part and criminally they can impact the outcome of a wrongful death suit.


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