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Last week’s post on this Florida-based personal injury legal blog discussed the rights that individuals have when they legally cross roads in crosswalks. Crosswalks are designated areas, often marked with paint, where pedestrians may cross from one side of a road to the other without fear of vehicle incursion. Generally, when a pedestrian is legally in a crosswalk all traffic must yield to them to allow them safe passage to the other side of the street.

However, as readers know, not all drivers respect or acknowledge the presence of pedestrians on Florida roads. Many drivers choose to use their cellphones or allow other distractions to cloud their driving focus which can result in collisions with other cars and people. A distracted driver may miss a pedestrian in a crosswalk and cause them to suffer significant bodily injuries when they strike them with their car.

When auto-pedestrian accidents happen, victims can be left with heavy medical bills, ongoing treatments, the inability to work, and other serious financial problems. They may struggle to make ends meet and often stress over covering the costs of their recoveries. Victims should not have to carry these burdens. This is why many victims choose to sue negligent drivers in hopes of recovering their damages.

The law firm of Culpepper Kurland offers auto-pedestrian accident litigation support to individuals and families that have been impacted by pedestrian accidents. Clients of the firm are given individual support and respect to ensure that their specific legal needs are met. More information about the attorneys of the firm, their practice, and auto-pedestrian accident cases may be found online through the firm’s website.


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