The extreme dangers of cognitive distraction while driving

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Have you ever arrived at your destination only to realize that you have no recollection of the time between when you left your house and when you parked your vehicle? Even with two hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, it is possible to be driving while distracted. An unfocused mind is actually quite dangerous, and it can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents.

There are many things that can take a driver’s attention, and while cell phones are the worst problem, they are not the only concern. Things such as daydreaming, talking to a passenger and even listening to a good song on the radio can lead to cognitive distraction. This happens when a person’s mind is far away from the task at hand even while actively engaging in it.

An unfocused driver is a dangerous driver

You are probably well aware of the dangers of using a phone while driving. Dialing a number, reading a text or answering an email are all ways that people often use their phones while also operating a vehicle. Some people even scroll through social media or watch videos while driving. Not only does this mean a person’s mind is not on the task at hand, it also means his or her hands or eyes may not be where they are supposed to be as well. 

Talking on a phone can be distracting, even when a Florida driver is using a hands-free device or is looking at the road. Studies find that people who are distracted act in many of the same ways that drunk drivers act, such as swerving, driving at erratic speeds and more. No matter the reason for the distraction, an unfocused driver is a dangerous driver.

Processing information 

When you are driving, you have to process a lot of information all at once. You have to be aware of where you are going, but you also have to notice what other drivers are doing and be cognizant of potential hazards. Cognitive distraction can significantly impact a person’s ability to see and respond to hazards in order to avoid an accident.

Holding distracted drivers accountable

If you are the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, you have options available to you. Through a personal injury claim, you may be able to recoup some of your losses and move forward after a traumatic event. The civil justice system can be complicated, and you will find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney through every step.


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