Auto-pedestrian accidents are a serious threat

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Motor vehicles can pose a serious danger to pedestrians on Florida roads. Because people walking have few protections against heavy cars, they may face a risk of catastrophic injuries and permanent disabilities requiring extensive medical care and time away from work. While all pedestrians face a risk when sharing the road with larger vehicles, some cars may be more likely to crash into them, and some walkers may face higher levels of carelessness from drivers. According to one study, drivers with expensive vehicles are less likely to come to a stop for people in a crosswalk than those with cheaper cars.

Crosswalks, of course, are where pedestrians may face the greatest protection, as they are specifically designated areas for safe crossing of streets, often placed at intersections. The study also found that all drivers are more likely to come to a safe stop when the people crossing the street were white or women than when they were men or people of color. The study’s authors raised serious concerns about pedestrian safety even in crosswalks and the threat posed by negligent drivers. They emphasized that drivers have a legal obligation to yield, urging greater public education.

Thousands of pedestrians are seriously injured ever year across the country, and severe motor vehicle accidents are becoming more common, especially when pedestrians are involved. Reflecting the outcome of the study, men may be twice as likely to be severely injured in a knockdown. The researchers urged further study to understand how social and class bias may play into auto-pedestrian accidents.

When people are hit by a car, they may suffer extensive injuries and face growing medical bills and lost wages as a result. A personal injury lawyer may help pedestrian accident victims seek compensation for their damages.


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