Spring is here, which means more motorcycles are on the road

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Spring in Florida brings milder temps and longer days, and more people are out and about. This time of year also brings out the bikers as the good weather provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy the open road. With more motorcycles on the road, it is more important than ever for drivers to share the road safely in order to reduce the chance of an accident that could leave innocent people injured.

If you are a biker, you understand the importance of being careful and wearing certain safety gear. Even with the proper safety equipment and the utmost caution, you are still vulnerable to injury in the event of a crash. Motorcycles are no match for the solid, heavy frame of a moving vehicle, and you could suffer serious injury even in a low-speed collision.

Facts about motorcycles

Like most bikers, you are a skilled driver. You are careful and vigilant while you are on the road, and you have the same rights to be on the road as every other driver. Unfortunately, other drivers may not feel the same or be as careful as you are. Consider the following facts about motorcycles and motorcycle accidents:

  • Regular vehicles significantly outnumber motorcycles, and most drivers don’t give a lot of thought to sharing the road safely with bikers.
  • When a motorcycle and vehicle collide, it is usually the other driver who violates the biker’s right of way.
  • Because of a motorcycle’s size, drivers don’t always see motorcycles at first glance, especially if they are not vigilant about checking blind spots.
  • Distracted drivers are particularly dangerous for bikers as they are much more likely to cause an accident.

A motorcycle accident can leave a biker with serious injuries, even if it’s a low-speed or relatively minor collision. These injuries can affect you long term, and you do not have to suffer in silence because of the actions of another person. There could be options for legal recourse available to you.

The aftermath

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you have serious injuries. Instead of navigating this process alone, consider working with an attorney experienced in personal injury cases. If another driver caused your accident, you could have grounds to pursue financial compensation for your losses and other types of damages through the Florida civil justice system.


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