The significant dangers of eating while driving

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Because of our fast-paced culture, it’s normal for people to have to multitask. In some cases, the urge to get multiple things done at once happens when a driver is behind the wheel. This often means grabbing a meal or a beverage to go and consuming it while driving down the road. This may seem safe enough, but in reality, it’s another form of distracted driving.

When the person behind the wheel is doing anything other than focusing on the task at hand, it counts as distracted driving. Eating a burger or drinking a cup of coffee may seem simple enough, but it can actually be quite dangerous. Most drivers fail to see how eating and drinking behind the wheel can actually increase their chances of an accident.

What’s so dangerous about it?

There are certain things that are actually more dangerous to eat while driving than others. For example, food items you have to consume using utensils require more mental focus and the use of both hands. One of the most common things people drink behind the wheel, coffee, can actually place a driver and others at an increased risk of an accident. Before you pick up a sandwich at a drive-thru or grab a drink on your way to the office, you may want to consider the following:

  • A study found that approximately 70% of drivers admit to eating while driving. Around 83% admit to drinking something while driving.
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving while distracted increases the chance of an accident by 80%.
  • Estimates suggest that a driver was eating or drinking in about 65% of incidents where accidents almost happened.

Eating or drinking something while driving is distracted driving, and this can have deadly consequences. This activity requires a driver to remove his or her hands from the wheel, take eyes off the road and divert mental attention somewhere else.

Distracted driving accidents

If you are the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, you have options. It is possible you have grounds to pursue recourse through a civil claim filed against the responsible party. After an accident, you will find it beneficial to seek an evaluation of your case and explanation of your specific legal options from an experienced Florida personal injury attorney.


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