Former U.S. representative from Florida hurt in motorcycle wreck

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Allen West, the former U.S. Representative from Florida, suffered serious injuries while driving his motorcycle home from a rally in Austin, Texas.

According to reports, the accident happened around 5 p.m. on Interstate 35 north of Waco. State troopers say that another vehicle had unsafely changed lanes, darting in front of two motorcyclists. The other driver’s actions caused one motorcyclist to brake and the second driver to crash into the first. Both motorcyclists had to be treated at the hospital, and the former congressman reportedly had several cuts, broken bones and a concussion.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and stories like this are a stark reminder that nobody is immune from the effects of negligent drivers. Motorcyclists are inherently at a much greater risk of serious injuries or death when they’re involved in an accident because motorcycles don’t have the same kinds of barriers and other safety features that passenger vehicles have.

Passenger car drivers are being urged to “share the road” better than they may have done so in the past. Part of being a responsible driver means:

  • Giving motorcyclists plenty of room. Nothing decreases your odds of being in a wreck than putting extra space between vehicles.
  • Remembering to pay attention. Distracted driving isn’t just a bad idea — it can be dangerous for everyone.
  • Using extra caution around intersections and when changing lanes. The majority of crashes occur when a vehicle’s driver fails to note that a motorcyclist is behind them and either turns left in front of the biker or otherwise cuts them off.

If you or your loved one is hurt in a motorcycle accident due to another driver’s negligence, it can take months or years before you recover. Find out how you can hold the liable party responsible for your financial losses.


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