Are self-driving cars the key to safer Florida roads?

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Like many other Florida drivers, you may have concerns about how safe self-driving vehicles will truly be. You know that many auto manufacturers are working diligently to be the first to release an autonomous vehicle for widespread consumer use, which means you could be sharing the roads with a car or truck that is driving itself in the near future. Is it possible these vehicles will make Florida roads safer? 

Experts and automakers claim that self-driving vehicles will be safer because they will remove the human element from the driving equation. Humans are prone to mistakes, and even a small mistake has the potential to result in devastating consequences. However, there is reason to believe that self-driving technology may not reduce the numbers of accidents like many presume.

How safe are they, really? 

One of the main reasons why many believe self-driving vehicles will be safer is because they will operate without many of the issues that cause accidents, such as distraction or negligence. Human error accounts for most accidents, but autonomous vehicles might not be the entire solution. Consider the following:

  • It remains unknown how self-driving vehicles will react to unexpected situations. Can a programmed vehicle see a hazard, process what is happening and react appropriately in enough time?
  • In order to really make the roads safer, automakers will have to design these vehicles with safety as the priority, not driver preference.
  • Studies estimate that self-driving vehicles may only eliminate one-third of traffic accidents, which means a significant number of crashes would likely still happen.

Another factor to consider is who is to blame in the event a self-driving vehicle is involved in an accident. These vehicles may bring an element of safety to transportation, but it does not erase the possibility of accidents or take away driver responsibility. 

Accountability for accidents

No matter the type of vehicle involved in your accident, it is possible another party is to blame for your accident-related injuries. Even in complex situations, it is possible to identify liable parties and secure appropriate compensation through a civil claim.

To discuss who is responsible for your accidents and determine how to best move forward, you will find it beneficial to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your options. An assessment of your case is a smart first step after a serious car accident.


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