Is online shopping leading to a rise in accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

We’re living in complicated times, so nobody can blame you if you just find it safer and easier to do your shopping online. The super-fast shipping offers from Amazon, in particular, make online shopping very enticing.

Everybody else is pretty much doing the same thing, and Amazon has seen exponential growth in the last few years. Unfortunately, Amazon may be guilty of prioritizing profits and growth over safety. Investigations indicate that Amazon delivery drivers have been involved in numerous fatal crashes that might have been prevented.

What’s behind the surge in accidents involving Amazon delivery trucks? Aside from just the massive increase in deliveries, here are a few other factors that could be contributing to the problem:

Inexperienced drivers

All of those delivery drivers have to come from somewhere — and many of them may be very inexperienced at the job.

Poor safety controls

Amazon may not be digging particularly deeply into a driver’s background before hiring them. One of their drivers admitted to night blindness. Another admitted to using medical marijuana. Better screening tests could have weeded those drivers out before they got into wrecks.

Bad guidance systems

Amazon has it’s own GPS app that its drivers are required to use, and that app sometimes gives them directions that aren’t safe, like telling them to make U-turns in busy areas.

Rush deliveries

Finally, there’s a lot of pressure on Amazon drivers to make those deliveries on time, and that may cause them to rush down residential streets without regard to pedestrians and other vehicles.

If you’ve been injured in a commercial driving accident with a delivery truck (Amazon or otherwise), find out what it takes to get fair compensation for your losses.


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