How to practice defensive driving

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When you were out on the open roads, there is very little you can do to change the driving habits of those around you. When a reckless or negligent driver begins acting in a way that can cause catastrophic injuries, it is up to you to practice defensive driving techniques in order to protect yourself.

Thousands of people die in car accidents every day. By adopting some defensive driving techniques, you can do your part in making the roads safer for everyone. Here are four ways you can practice defensive driving:

Focus on the road

It can be easy to get lost in whatever is playing on the radio or the conversation you were having with another passenger, but make a point to pay attention to what is on the road. Keep track of changing road conditions, how the weather will impact your driving, speed limit signs, road construction zones, and anything else that could endanger you and your passengers.

Take your time

Most people can tell you that you should not speed while driving, but there are other ways you can take time to help protect yourself. Make sure you put a few seconds between when you use your turn signal and execute the turn. You can also put a few seconds between you and other vehicles to make sure you have enough distance to stop suddenly if necessary.

Reduce distractions

Eating while driving, fixing your appearance, and using your cell phone are all minor distractions that can cause significant accidents. If you need to attend to something other than driving while you are behind the wheel, make a point to pull over at a rest stop so you can address the matter without risking the lives of those around you.

Watch for other drivers

If other drivers are exhibiting dangerous driving habits, make sure to identify them and safely put distance between you and them. Do not try to speed ahead of them to get past them, as it may startle them, and their reaction can cause an accident. Allow a potentially reckless driver to pull ahead So you can continue to observe them from a distance safely.

Safety first

Experienced drivers can take their safety for granted while on busy roads. Make sure you remember to practice defensive driving to keep yourself and others safe.



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