The newest technology in vehicles could save your life

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In many ways, technology makes your life better and easier. Different advancements can make you healthier, safer and more productive, and in vehicles, technology may actually reduce the chance of accidents. Newer cars and trucks are more likely to come with different types of features that could help drivers make better choices behind the wheel.

Regardless of the safety features that may come in a specific type of vehicle, each Florida driver is still responsible for the choices he or she makes while operating a car or truck. The newest technology may make things better, but it does not lessen the responsibility each person has to make safe choices that do not needlessly endanger others. Cars may be safer and smarter than ever, but human error and poor decision-making remain the most significant safety threats on Florida roads.

New car safety features

Newer vehicles often come standard with features and systems that will help drivers pay more attention and make better choices while driving. A few examples of the adaptive, responsive and automated car technology that could make you safer include:

  • Adaptive cruise control can adjust speeds automatically, keeping a driver from going too fast or following too closely.
  • Adaptive headlights automatically adjust to light levels and the amount of natural light to provide drivers with the best view possible.
  • Collision warning systems will alert drivers when they are close to hitting another object or vehicle.
  • Lane departure warning systems will alert a driver if he or she is swerving or coming too close to drifting into another lane.

Distracted driving is one of the primary causes of car accidents in Florida. Many of these features can help someone make better choices while driving and stay focused. Technology is constantly advancing and improving lives, but when it comes to driving, it is no substitute for an attentive and cautious individual in the driver’s seat.

Your rights as an accident victim

Despite technological advances, accidents still happen all the time. If you are suffering after any type of motor vehicle collision, and you believe you were the victim of the reckless or negligent choices of another driver, you could have grounds to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury claim. If you are unsure of what legal options may be available in your situation, you may benefit from an assessment with an experienced Florida attorney.


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