The injuries you’ll likely experience after a car crash

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You may experience a variety of injuries in the aftermath of a Florida car accident such as internal bleeding, whiplash, or broken bones. There is also a chance that you’ll experience sore muscles, organ failure, or other problems after a wreck.

Why whiplash is such a common car accident injury

It isn’t uncommon for your head and neck to move in an unnatural fashion in the moment a collision occurs. This sudden movement can lead to strained, pulled, or torn muscles in this part of the body. In severe cases, the forces imposed on your neck could result in broken bones. A motor vehicle accident attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, or other losses related to injuries sustained in a wreck.

Your body may make contact with hard surfaces within the vehicle

Broken bones are often the result of your body making contact with a dashboard, the vehicle’s roof, or other hard surfaces. If your head makes contact with these surfaces, there is a good chance that you’ll develop a concussion, a cracked skull, or another type of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Shattered glass can lead to lacerations

If your head, legs, or other parts of your body go through a window, it can result in deep cuts on your skin. Ideally, you’ll seek treatment for this type of injury quickly to minimize your risk of getting an infection. In addition, obtaining timely treatment can minimize blood loss, which can improve your prognosis of making a full recovery.

An attorney may be able to help you obtain compensation from the negligent driver who caused your crash to happen. He or she may use cellphone records, toxicology reports, or other evidence to establish that another person violated his or her duty of care toward others on the road. A financial award may be obtained in a negotiated settlement or by taking your case to court.


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