Brake problems can lead to fatal accidents

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Vehicles of any type that have poor brakes may be at a higher risk of being involved in car accidents while traveling on Florida roads. However, a commercial vehicle that cannot change its speed in a timely manner may be at a greater risk of causing an accident.

Trucks with faulty brakes have a longer stopping distance

A commercial truck that has inadequate brakes will require more time to stop. This is generally true whether it is driving on wet or dry roads, and an increased stopping distance can be especially problematic for a vehicle that is already larger than the typical passenger car.

Poor brakes can put a truck driver’s life in jeopardy

It’s worth noting that an inability to stop in a timely manner can put a truck driver’s life in peril. This is because it could make the driver’s vehicle vulnerable to jackknifing or otherwise veering into other lanes of traffic. A motor vehicle accident involving a jackknifed truck can be especially dangerous since it may cause the truck to tip on its side or back.

There’s no guarantee that the truck will stop at all

Depending on how poor the brakes are, it’s possible that the truck won’t slow or stop at all. Instead, it will simply collide with another vehicle, barrier or other object on the road. A collision that occurs at highway speeds may increase the likelihood of a gas leak occurring within the commercial vehicle or any other vehicle that is struck. The resulting explosion could result in injury or death to people who are hundreds of yards away from the actual crash site.

If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation from parties responsible for allowing it to happen. If you are killed in a crash, your family may be able to obtain compensation on your behalf. This is generally true even if the driver who caused the crash also dies in the wreck.


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