Speeding and car accidents

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Car accidents are a regular occurrence in Florida. Speeding is a leading cause of such accidents and has serious consequences.

How serious a problem is speeding?

Car accidents that happen as a result of speeding are more likely to result in serious injuries or even death. Speeding is a serious problem that causes serious car crashes and accounts for thousands of deaths every year.

What are the consequences of speeding?

Speeding results in certain challenges in controlling a vehicle. For example, if a driver speeds and has to make a turn, it’s more difficult for them to steer effectively on a curve. The curve pulls the vehicle, which makes it harder to control the vehicle as it’s speeding.

Similar to driving under the influence, speeding can significantly reduce the driver’s reaction time. It doesn’t matter what the road conditions are as speeding can make it difficult to slow down and stop. A driver is far less likely to be able to react to situations in the time necessary, which can increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

Speeding can even reduce the effectiveness of safety equipment in the vehicle. The airbags and seatbelts will not work as well as they would if the vehicle were traveling at a slower, safer speed. There is also a greater risk of a rollover accident due to the sheer speed traveled and the higher center of gravity associated with speeding.

It’s also more difficult to stop when speeding. Motor vehicle accidents can quickly occur as the driver is unable to slow down quickly and safely. A speeding driver might also be tempted to floor the brake instead of slow down safely by easing off the gas pedal. A serious crash and catastrophic injuries could occur.

Many accidents caused by speeding often go hand-in-hand with drunk driving. Many drivers who speed are also younger and have the sense of being invincible or under control despite their impairment. Drivers between 21 and 44 are the most likely to get into serious accidents from speeding and alcohol use.

Being smart and staying within the legal speed limit can reduce the risk of such serious accidents.


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