How to always practice defensive driving

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Your driving affects much more than your chances of avoiding an accident on Florida roads. It can also affect outcomes with insurance companies and lawsuits when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Defensive driving begins before you get in the car

Many motor vehicle accidents occur because one or more parties don’t properly plan their trips. Always leave enough time for your journey so you are not rushed, check weather conditions, and be mentally aware of where you may encounter dangerous turns or mergers. Driving in a lane with a shoulder can help you in an emergency.

When in your vehicle, defensive driving means more than trying to avoid other drivers. It means being proactive about your own actions. Always try to do the following when behind the wheel:

Constantly scan your surroundings so you won’t be surprised when a vehicle, pedestrian or animal suddenly “comes out of nowhere.”
Leave sufficient space between you and the vehicle in front and brake early when you think you need to stop.
Don’t let the aggressive driving of other drivers cause you to do the same.
Avoid distractions like cellphones and changing music or radio stations when your vehicle is moving.

Maximizing your chances after an accident

What you say in interviews with insurance companies or a court of law about your actions when driving can affect your chances of receiving compensation in an accident where you were injured. The opposing side will always try to prove that you were at fault.

If you are involved in an injury-causing accident, emphasizing your defensive driving habits and actions may work in your favor. By showing you did everything in your power to avoid the accident, you may possibly be able to persuade others of your innocence.


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