Injuries that typically occur after a car crash

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If you are involved in a car accident that takes place in Florida, you may experience a variety of injuries. For example, you may receive cuts, scratches or other minor abrasions after making contact with seats, windows or other surfaces inside of the car. You may also experience broken bones, internal bleeding or a traumatic head injury in the aftermath of a motor vehicle wreck.

Whiplash is another common car accident injury

Whiplash occurs when your head or neck is forced to move in an unnatural way when your car collides with another vehicle or object. Signs of whiplash include difficulty moving your head or pain in your shoulders, head or neck. It’s possible that this condition won’t present itself right away, which is why it is important to seek medical treatment in a timely manner after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

What are the signs of internal bleeding?

Internal injuries may be harder to detect because you won’t necessarily see any obvious signs that they have occurred. However, some common symptoms of an internal injury include chest or stomach pain, coughing up blood or difficulty breathing. You may also feel lightheaded or dizzy while standing or after sitting up too quickly.

Wearing a seat belt may reduce the risk of car accident injuries

A safety belt may be able to prevent you from making contact with the steering wheel, a front seat or other surfaces within your vehicle. This may prevent you from being impaled by an object or from hitting your head against such a surface. Furthermore, the use of such a device may prevent you from being ejected from the car upon impact.


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