Cyclists are at risk of being hit in serious collisions

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As a cyclist in Florida, you do all you can to stay safe. You wear bright colors and reflectors. You ride in bike lanes. You have a helmet and try to keep up with the flow of traffic.

Unfortunately, cyclists are at a high risk of being injured in crashes in Florida. Florida has one of the highest rates of bicycle crashes in the nation. With a total of 6,400 bike crashes in 2021 and 198 fatalities, it’s clear that cyclists do have many hazards to contend with.

What is the reason that so many bike crashes happen?

There are many different reasons for the high number of bike crashes in Florida.

Some of them include that:

  • Florida sees a heavy influx of tourists, which means that there are drivers on the roads who aren’t familiar with Florida or its traffic laws. They may make mistakes that lead to crashes.
  • Florida has great weather most of the year, which allows more people to go out on their bicycles more often. With an active community, it’s common to see cyclists on and around the roads.
  • It’s common to see congested, high-traffic areas throughout the state. Between the residential areas, tourist areas and limited routes due to the ocean, lakes, and protected areas, it’s normal to see backed-up traffic. Road rage, speeding, distractions and other factors may play a role in the total number of collisions.

These and other reasons are why crashes are so common in Florida.

What can cyclists do to stay safer?

Being aware of your surroundings is the most important thing you can do as a cyclist in Florida. When you’re riding, you should always wear the correct riding gear to give yourself some protection against potential impacts, and you should follow all the right rules of the road.

If you think that someone doesn’t see you or might make a mistake, it is safer to yield to them than to continue on your path in most cases. If you cannot or a driver makes a mistake leading to a crash, you should look into making a claim to hold them accountable for their actions.


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