The dangers of driving with an unrestrained dog

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People often consider sobriety, text messages and speed as factors in auto wrecks. Another element that deserves more recognition is the presence of an unsecured dog.

Driving with loose tail-waggers creates a problem everywhere. That said, 56 percent of all Florida households have a dog. Thus, it is a more worrying concern in The Sunshine State than in some other regions.

Reasons not securing dogs can cause accidents

Many cannot resist having small canine friends on their laps while behind the wheel. Although vehicle operators may enjoy this, the practice presents significant danger.

An excitable pup might unexpectedly pounce or playfully nip at his or her human parent. Such movements can cause one to lose focus and let go of the wheel. It only takes a second of inattentiveness for a life-altering accident to occur.

Drivers also face distraction from the wants of their creatures. Petting and feeding while in motion are hazardous temptations.

Another scenario is that Fido runs wild. Petite fur babies could wander underneath the brake pedal. Larger ones might rush from window to window, creating a visual obstruction.

Options for securing dogs to prevent accidents

Thankfully, the market offers many styles of doggy restraints. Types include:

  • Vehicle pet barriers
  • Vehicle harnesses
  • Pet booster seats
  • Hard-sided and soft-sided crates

Suitability depends on the breed, size and temperament of the animal in question. Advice from a veterinarian can help identify the ideal choice.

Drivers transporting dogs must recognize the peril of allowing their pooches complete freedom. Failure to do otherwise could lead to injury or death.


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