Common injuries elder adults suffer in a slip-and-fall accident

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While a slip-and-fall accident can cause significant injuries for most people, the elderly are at greater risk of serious complications. In Florida, falling is the leading cause of injuries in those over age 65. It is important to recognize the potential injuries that a fall can cause so you know what to watch for and document in case of a claim.

There are a few common injuries that older adults experience after a fall.

Head injuries

Head injuries pose particular risks for those over the age of 65, especially for those at risk of dementia. Even moderate bumps on the head can result in disorientation and long-term memory impairment.

Broken bones

The bone density decline that comes with age puts seniors at substantial risk of broken bones. Broken hips are particularly common and can lead to severe complications, extensive surgery and sometimes long-term mobility issues.

Joint damage

Shoulders, knees and wrists are vulnerable to injuries in a fall as well. With cartilage deteriorating and reduced muscle tone in older adults, those joints have less support than they did in the past, making them more vulnerable to injuries. Swelling, pain and discomfort can disrupt a senior’s daily life significantly, especially if they already have mobility and independence challenges.

Knowing what to watch for helps you seek the proper care following a fall. When a loved one suffers a slip-and-fall injury on someone else’s property, consider whether negligence played a factor. If so, documenting your loved one’s injuries and treatment needs can help them pursue an injury claim.


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