Are men more likely to get in a car accident?

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When it comes to car accidents, there is a constant question of whether men are more likely to be in a crash compared to women. Numerous factors contribute to this topic, but the answer is clear-cut.

By delving into statistics and various circumstances, it is possible to understand the situation fully.

Statistics on gender and car accidents

Let’s begin by looking at some statistics. Historically, data has shown that men tend to be more involved in car accidents than women. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports 30,747 motor vehicle crash deaths for males in 2021 and 12,051 female deaths. The IIHS also asserts that for nearly every year between 1975 and 2021, male car crash deaths were more than twice that of female deaths.

Biological factors

Biological differences between men and women can partly explain this trend. Men, on average, have higher levels of testosterone associated with risk-taking behavior. This inclination towards risk-taking can sometimes lead to more aggressive driving styles among men, such as speeding and reckless maneuvers.

Driving habits

Driving habits and behaviors play a significant role in accident rates. Men tend to drive more miles on average than women, which can increase their exposure to potential accidents. Additionally, studies have indicated that men are less likely to wear seatbelts compared to women.

Occupational factors

Occupation can also influence the likelihood of car accidents, and certain jobs may have a higher proportion of male workers. Jobs in transportation and construction often involve more time on the road, which can increase the probability of accidents.

While both men and women are equally capable of either driving safely or negligently, it remains the case that more men suffer injury or death in car accidents.


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