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The dangers of spinal cord injury and its ramifications

Motorcyclists in Tampa likely know the risks they face when they go out onto the road. The prospects of a motorcycle collision might not be the foremost thing in their minds, but given their vulnerability and limited ways in which they can protect themselves, there is a significant chance that a crash can lead to injuries severe enough that they will be confronted with permanent disability. A spinal cord injury is one such danger. Understanding the facts about spinal trauma can help a motorcycle accident victim know what the motorcyclist is up against in the present and future.

If there is a full tear, a partial tear or a bruise to the spinal cord, it is known as spinal trauma. Since the spinal cord is the link between the brain and the rest of the body, any damage to it can cause major issues. Depending on the seriousness of the damage and where it is located, the injuries can cause partial or full paralysis. In the best case scenario, the person who was hurt will be able to recover. That, however, is not always the case. A large percentage -- 44 percent -- of spinal cord injuries are the result of a motor vehicle accident.

Statistics and consequences of Florida hit and run

When there is a car accident in Florida, it is expected that those involved will stay on the scene -- regardless of whether it's major or minor accident -- and deal with the situation. However, the number of vehicles that are involved in a hit and run is substantial. The number of fatalities because of this is growing and there is an increased movement afoot to try to prevent and avoid it. The idea is to teach drivers about their responsibilities when there is an accident as well as point out what can happen legally if a hit and run is committed.

Driver who are in an accident are advised to follow the acronym "CRASH" meaning call for help, remain calm, attain vehicle information, sketch the scene of the crash and help those who have been hurt. Although it is obvious what a driver is supposed to do after an accident, there are still those who choose to run away from the problem. In Florida, between 2013 and 2014, the number of hit and run accidents that led to death rose 23 percent. The overall number of hit and run crashes rose seven percent. Almost half of those killed in hit and run accidents were in 2014 were pedestrians. That is a rise of 17 percent from the year before. Of all the crashes in the state, one-quarter of them were hit and run.

Fatal boating accident statistics for 2014

As the warm weather approaches and school is out, people in Florida, and across the country, start to plan vacations. Many of those vacations include water sports and boating excursions. While these are enjoyable activities, there is always the inherent danger of a boating accident. In a worst case scenario, these can end up as a fatal boating accident. The most recent statistics of accidents on boats can help to understand the risks that most people don't like to think about.

The United States Coast Guard keeps track of accidents on boats. In 2014, there were 4,064 accidents. In those accidents, 2,678 people were injured and 610 people were killed. There was also an estimated $39 million in property damage in these incidents. For every 100,000 registered recreational boats, there were 5.2 deaths. That is a rise of 10.6 percent from the numbers in 2013. The overall number of accidents rose by 0.05 percent compared to 2013. Fatalities increased by nearly nine percent with injuries up by 2.2 percent.

What are federal trucking regulations to prevent drowsy driving?

When out on the road in Tampa and throughout Florida, drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians need to be aware of large trucks. These vehicles, while necessary for the transport of goods, can be dangerous due to their size and the attention that is required to operate them safely. Federal trucking regulations are in place to make certain that controllable issues surrounding drivers are adhered to.

There is a maximum amount of time drivers can be on the road. For property-carrying vehicles, it is not allowed for the driver to operate the vehicle without taking a minimum of 10 hours off. The driver can drive within 14 consecutive hours after starting a shift only after 10 hours have been spent off duty. A driver can't drive after a 14 hour shift ends before taking another 10 straight hours off.

Driver heading the wrong-way leads to fatal motorcycle crash

People in Tampa who ride motorcycles often enjoy the freedom, maneuverability and the overall fun of the endeavor. That, however, does not alter the dangers they face when out on the road. If there is a motorcycle collision, it can lead to devastating injuries and even fatalities. Those who have been affected by a fatal motorcycle crash need to understand what to do after it has happened.

A 59-year-old woman died in a fatal motorcycle crash after a car that was heading the wrong way on the road hit her. According to the investigation, at approximately 11:45 p.m., a Nissan was seen driving against the direction of traffic. A police office tried to stop the vehicle twice, but the driver didn't stop. Not long after the second attempt, the car continued into oncoming traffic and hit the motorcycle. The woman suffered catastrophic injuries and died at the hospital. The 21-year-old driver of the Nissan was arrested. He was tested to determine if he was driving under the influence -- police are still awaiting the results.

What are common issues that can cause a truck accident?

Large trucks can be an intimidating sight on the road in Tampa with good reason. These vehicles are naturally dangerous because of their sheer size, but that's not the only reason they can cause injury and fatality in truck accident. Drivers of these vehicles are required to adhere to federal trucking regulations when it comes to safety. On the same token, the company that owns the truck is also required to ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained and safe.

There are certain violations that the enforcement entity known as Compliance, Safety, Accountability looks for when giving scores to truck drivers. The scores are important to how the driver is assessed when it comes to safety practices. There are certain violations that come up often with truck drivers. They include equipment on the vehicle, the proper logging procedures by the driver and personal issues that could be important to the driver's vigilance.

Fatal accident claims life of motorcyclist and passenger

Riding a motorcycle in Tampa can be an enjoyable experience, but it is still fraught with danger. Whether it is other drivers who are not paying strict attention to the motorcyclist or due to the vulnerability that is inherent when riding a motorcycle, any crash can quickly turn into a fatal motorcycle accident. No matter the circumstances, those who have been affected by a wrongful death incident will probably want to understand what to do after it happens.

According to a recent report, a motorcyclist was killed and his passenger was critically injured in a crash as both were thrown from the bike. The incident happened as the motorcycle headed north on the roadway at approximately 2:45 a.m.

What are various dangers of being a distracted driver?

Being a distracted driver is dangerous. Distracted driving is often linked to texting and driving, since that is one of the most prominent reasons for drivers to be distracted today. However, there are other ways a driver can become distracted, such as visual, manual and cognitive distractions. Knowing these dangers can help drivers avoid them, but it can also aid people who suffer a serious injury in an auto accident to know whether or not a driver who was distracted might have caused the crash.

Studies in recent years have shown that distracted driving injures more than 1,150 people on a daily basis. Drivers might have visual distractions and take their eyes from the road, manual distractions taking their hands off the wheel and cognitive distractions not concentrating on driving. While texting and driving and using a cellphone are associated with distracted driving, a distraction can come from eating, changing entertainment systems and even reading.

Seeking help after a crash with an inattentive truck driver

While the majority of truck drivers are competent and professional, and they take their work seriously, it's probably unavoidable that the monotony of the work will lead to minor or major lapses in concentration. Perhaps it's possible that the driver is so experienced that strict attention to the road isn't required to keep everyone safe.

If there is a truck accident and it's believed that it is due to a negligent truck driver, it's important to know how and why it happened. The sheer size of trucks makes them a natural hazard to conventional passenger vehicles, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The vehicles might be driven with negligence or the driver might be speeding. Since these vehicles have to cover a vast amount of ground and are usually on the highway, a truck accident can do an untold amount of damage to those involved.

Driver fleeing police causes fatal car crash killing pedestrian

There are a multitude of dangers when a Tampa resident is out on the road as a pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist or driver. Oftentimes, people on the roads are at risk of being involved in a wrongful death incident. When there is a loss of a loved one in a fatal accident, those who have been affected need to understand what to do next.

A dashboard camera on a police car made a recording of a traffic stop that happened right before the driver crashed into a man, killing him. The 25-year-old driver was speeding at approximately 2 a.m. when the crash occurred. According to the video, the law enforcement officer, who is part of a unit to catch drivers operating their vehicles under the influence, tried to stop the speeding vehicle. The police vehicle was unmarked and the flashing lights were a signal for the driver to stop. The driver tried to get away from the officer. The officer ended the pursuit. The fleeing vehicle hit one man, killing him. Then another pedestrian was hit before the car crashed. The driver and a passenger ran on foot, but were caught. The driver faces numerous charges, including DUI, drug charges and vehicular manslaughter.

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