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Tampa Personal Injury Law Blog

Two Florida residents sue hotel for inadequate security

Florida hotels stay competitive by providing outstanding service to their clients. From the top management to the rank and file staff, these individuals ensure that the customers' stay is pleasant and enjoyable. To maintain that, property owners should be mindful of dangerous property condition that can cause problems for their customers. The safety of the customers should always be prioritized.

Unfortunately, one hotel in Florida has allegedly failed to protect their clients from injuries caused by inadequate security. According to a report, two Florida residents have accused Resorts World Bimini of inadequate security following an incident that left them with severe injuries. The two customers reportedly filed a lawsuit, claiming that negligent security at the hotel contributed to the injuries they suffered from an attack by four other visitors. The lawsuit states that the victims, together with other guest from Florida, were in their room when the assault happened.

Helping Floridians find compensation for motorcycle accidents

Growing numbers of Florida residents love to ride motorcycles. According to Ride Smart Florida, an online service operated by the Traffic Safety Office of the state's Department of Transportation, Florida's growing population is making motorcycle riders a common sight on the state's roadways and increasing the number of motorcycle accidents in the state each year.

In general, motorcycle accidents tend to result in more serious injuries and more fatalities than car accidents. Motorcycles provide no real protection to riders; even clothes, shoes and helmets for motorcyclists provide only minimal protection. Because of this, our law firm has seen the full range of injuries from motorcycle accidents, from minor to life-altering to deadly. Fatal motorcycle accidents are certainly the worst outcomes, but often people who are badly injured in a motorcycle accident face considerable challenges in recovering from a variety of injuries. Some injuries may require years of expensive therapy and rehabilitation, often making full recovery more difficult and too often financially devastating.

NHTSA 2012 data highlights the dangers of bike-car accidents

Florida residents enjoy riding bicycles around their communities. People love bicycle riding as a sport or recreation. However, riding a bicycle has its risks, and one of the risks is getting injured in a car accident.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a 2012 report that highlights the number of bicyclist killed in auto accidents and other motor-vehicle accidents every year. According to the report, a total of 726 pedalcyclists have died and around 49,000 people suffered injuries as a result motor-vehicle accidents. Bicycle accidents accounted for 2 percent of those injured in traffic accidents that year. The data also revealed that 2012 bicycle fatalities were 6 percent higher compared to 2011. 69 percent of all bicycle fatalities occurred in urban areas, while 60 percent happened at non-intersections. And while people of all ages are at risk of bicycle accidents, individuals aged 45 to 54 had the highest death rate, while those aged 10-15 had the highest injury rate. Children aged 15 and below made up 9 percent of all bicycle fatalities.

Who is liable for premises liability accidents?

Inviting guests to your home is a kind gesture made by many Florida residents. Some residents hold a party at home, serving drinks and food and providing entertainment that visitors will enjoy. But a party host should always be mindful about the safety of guests and shield them from any accidents that may be caused by dangerous conditions on the property. These hazards may include inadequate lighting, defective escalators or elevators and even wet floors.

Safety should be a priority for property owners. Under premises liability law, Florida property owners have the duty to protect visitors to their property from any unsafe conditions. The legal theory behind this law is that property owners and residents are held accountable for any accidents and injuries that occur on their property. By observing the following circumstances, you may be able identify potential areas that may cause a premises liability accident.

Florida worker crushed to death by elevator

If a person's manner of death is preventable, it would be difficult for the family to accept their loved one's passing. Unfortunately, many cases of workplace fatalities result from preventable accidents, and sometimes negligence.

Take, for example, the recent on-the-job fatality in Florida in which a construction worker was crushed to death by an elevator. The worker's family is planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit in connection to the fatal workplace accident. According to the report, the 25-year-old worker was employed by a subcontractor, Miller's Plumbing. The workers were on the job at the multi-story dormitory on Woodward Avenue on a Florida State University campus at the time of the accident. The victim was sitting in an open window talking with his coworkers. Suddenly the elevator came down, pulling him as a result. The worker was pulled in between a one-and-half inch space and the building. The three co-workers called the elevator operator to pull the elevator up but it was too late. The victim died as a result of crushing trauma in his torso. The Occupational Safety Health Administration has been informed about the workplace death.

Taking the right steps in the aftermath of a truck accident

Few people want to think about it when they are out driving on Florida's roads and highways, but every commercial truck they encounter is a potential threat. Whether the dangers are ever realized by motorists and pedestrians depends on how attentive truck drivers are to weather, road and traffic conditions. Unfortunately, a trucking accident has a high probability of causing severe injuries or killing someone.

Trucks pose dangers to others primarily because they are bigger and heavier than the vast majority of passenger vehicles. In most cases, a collision between a truck and another vehicle means anyone in the other vehicle has a good chance of being injured or killed. Injuries alone can mean emotional trauma and financial losses for a victim. A death can mean grief for a family and also often means financial distress.

The most dangerous types of distraction for Florida drivers

For officials in charge of monitoring and improving traffic safety across the country, including in Florida, distracted driving has become one of the most alarming causes of car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012, nearly 21,670 occupants of passenger vehicles died and some 2.09 million were injured in traffic crashes. Other statistics show that 3,328 died in distracted driving crashes across the country that same year. Despite these statistics, many people are comfortable texting or performing other activities that take their attention off the road.

Crashes involving distracted driving have a variety of causes. NHTSA research has identified a variety of activities that can cause accidents, such as using cellphones and smartphones, putting on makeup, reading, eating and even interacting with other passengers.

Motorcycle accident leaves rider in critical condition

Respecting each motorist's right of way is essential to help assure accident prevention. Not following traffic regulations and being unaware of other vehicles are sure fire ways of endangering lives. This is especially true for motorcycle riders. In a motorcycle accident, riders can suffer catastrophic injuries, like neck and brain injuries, that can result in permanent disability. The likelihood of death in these cases can be very high as well. This was apparent in a recent accident south of Tampa.

In Sarasota, a 23-year-old man was riding northbound on his motorcycle at Swift Road around 3 p.m. when he was involved in an accident. A sedan driven by a 52-year-old female driver, a resident of Sarasota, was driving in the southbound lane when she turned left and entered the direct path of the motorcycle. The two vehicles collided and the man was ejected from his motorcycle. The woman suffered minor injuries. The rider was airlifted to a nearby medical facility, Blake Medical Center. He was in critical condition. The woman was charged by authorities after it was deemed that the accident was caused by her failure to yield to the motorcycle's right of way.

What hazards do wet floors present to a property's visitors?

Like anywhere else in the country, inadequate maintenance at a Florida property can lead to an accident. The same goes for premises that need repair or have hazardous conditions. Among the simplest hazards that can cause serious injuries to workers and customers is a wet floor.

What are the most common types of accidents in most areas frequented by the public? Wet floors and other slippery surfaces are among the leading causes of accidents in stores and other properties. They can cause someone to slip and fall. It may be hard to image, but a simple wet floor can lead to severe injuries. According to some sources, wet surfaces are among the leading causes of personal injuries in the United States. Slip and fall accidents also lead all workers' compensation claims and premises liability claims. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that these accidents make up the majority of general industry accidents and account for 15 percent of all work-related deaths. More than 540,000 cases of slip-and-fall injuries require some hospitalization every year. In total, slip-and-fall accidents cost more than $11 billion every year.

Teen's asphyxiation in jail results in wrongful death payout

Negligence should never lead to the loss of human life. Unfortunately, too many times it does. Perhaps even more unfortunate, when the death of someone in the custody of law enforcement officers occurs, such as recently happened in a Florida wrongful death case that led to an out-of-court settlement, getting anyone to admit to wrongdoing can be nearly impossible.

The 19-year-old son of a Florida family reportedly died while in custody at the Clay County Jail in March of 2013. According to the Clay County Sheriff's Department, the man was arrested March 2 on a pair of misdemeanor charges following break-ins at a local motel where he was living. He reportedly had a history of mental health problems and may have suffered a psychotic break after smoking a synthetic form of marijuana that is now illegal. Ten days later, the man fought with sheriff's deputies at the jail and was subdued with pepper spray, which produced excessive amounts of saliva. The man was restrained in a chair with a spit mask over his head. Witnesses say he was left unattended by jail personnel despite repeatedly claiming that he could not breathe and was suffering chest pains. He died shortly after.

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