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Tampa Personal Injury Law Blog

Late-night speeding accident north of Tampa sends 3 to hospital

Speeding is one of the most common traffic offenses on the streets and highways of every state, including Florida. Any driver caught speeding is lucky to receive just a traffic citation. If the speeding has led to a car accident, then a ticket can quickly turn into a criminal charge, especially if other motorists or bystanders are injured. Consider a recent accident 100 miles north of Tampa.

In Chiefland, a pickup truck apparently speeding around 1:45 on a recent Sunday morning in a mobile home park lost control and caused a multiple-vehicle accident that injured three people, including a pedestrian. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the truck veered off the road and rear-ended a parked vehicle, which then hit three other parked vehicles.

Walgreens faces wrongful death lawsuit

The loss of a loved one often leaves family members and friends with considerable grief. The sense of loss is often compounded when negligence seems to have contributed to the death. One mother experienced such a loss, and she has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Walgreens for having a hand in the death of her son.

According to the lawsuit, the retailer continued to fill her son's Vicodin prescription even after his physician called the pharmacy in 2010 to stop it from filling the man's prescription because he was abusing the drug. Documentation of the call and abuse allegations were placed in a Walgreen's computer file -- but the prescriptions were still filled until July of 2012. The man died from an overdose in August of 2012.

Alleged drunken driver causes multiple-vehicle accident in Ocala

Impaired driving is a serious offense in Florida. When drunken driving leads to an auto accident that injures or kills other motorists, the state has a strong interest in removing that driver from the road and imposing penalties to prevent reoccurrences of such behavior and to provide victims with some sense of relief and justice. One recent injury car accident in Ocala is about to test that theory.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, an intoxicated 53-year-old female driver was driving at high speeds eastbound on County Road 475B at approximately 7:30 a.m. when she failed to reduce speed at the intersection with County Road 475 and rear-ended a van at a stop sign. The impact pushed the van into the intersection, where it was subsequently struck by a pickup truck before coming to rest on a grassy shoulder.

Fatal motorcycle accident on Interstate 4

Motorcycles may be a favorite way to travel for many Floridians, but almost all of them can tell stories about close calls that could have ended their lives or certainly put them into a hospital with severe injuries. Unfortunately, these vehicles do not offer the same protection as cars and other motor vehicles do, so riders generally fare poorly in the typical motorcycle accident.

A case in point is the recent death of a 34-year-old St. Petersburg man in an early morning accident on Interstate 4 near Orlando. The accident occurred around 12:30 a.m. after a 23-year-old Orlando man came up behind the motorcyclist traveling in the fast lane and struck the motorcycle. The motorcycle and rider were knocked into the grassy median strip, where the bike overturned several times. The rider, who was not wearing a helmet, was thrown from his vehicle. He was taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, but, eventually, died.

Florida cruise companies should learn from Carnival Cruise case

Many horror stories about ocean voyages include being marooned on an island. But recently for a group of passengers, they were stranded on their own cruise ship. While being stuck in a cruise ship may not seem distressing for the passengers,- they claimed they were subjected to disdainful conditions-a very traumatic ordeal.

Thirty-three passengers filed a lawsuit in a South Florida court claiming they suffered mental anguish and health issues due to hazardous conditions on a Carnival cruise voyage in February last year. The plaintiffs asked for a $5,000 monthly lifetime payment for damages. The scheduled four-day cruise started at Galveston, Texas and came to an abrupt stop in the Gulf of Mexico when an engine room fire caused the ship to stall for five days. The cruise ship was left without working toilets, engine power or air conditioning.

Former football player faces two wrongful death lawsuits

Known to football fans across the country, including those in Florida, as the tight end who made his mark playing football for the University of Florida and then in the NFL, Aaron Hernandez showed he could take his game to another level by holding his own against more seasoned opponents. As gifted as he was on the field, though, his off-the-field behavior led to criminal charges and now civil suits against him.

Two wrongful death lawsuits have been filed by the families of two victims Hernandez allegedly shot and killed. According to the identical $6 million lawsuits, the former NFL star maliciously and recklessly fired a firearm from his vehicle and into a car occupied by three men. The two men who died were 28 and 29 years old.

Freak accident kills Canadian motorcycling couple

Accidents involving motorcycles frequently have tragic results around the country, including in Florida. Because motorcycles offer less protection to their riders than cars do with seatbelts and other safety features, riding a bike is always more dangerous than driving a car.

In one unfortunate incident recently, a spool of electrical wire that fell from a cargo truck's storage bay struck a motorcycle and killed both riders, a couple from Quebec, Canada. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the victims - a 58-year-old man and 54-year-old woman - were traveling on State Road 415 near Sanford shortly before noon when the spool of wire fell from the truck and struck the couple's Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which ejected both riders from the motorcycle. The motorcycle caught fire; the couple died at the scene.

Tips to prevent slip-and-fall accidents on farms

Many Floridians know that an estimated 1 million people suffer injuries from slip-and-fall accidents every year across the United States, according to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Slip-and-fall-accidents not only cause injuries but also cause 11,000 deaths every year.

In agriculture, falls are among the most common causes of injuries and deaths. Fortunately, these accidents can be prevented by following three easy steps: plan ahead, provide proper equipment and train workers, family members and visitors in following safety procedures at all times.

Car accident in parking lot kills three and injures four

Automobile accidents occur every day all across the country. Most result in property damage and sometimes minor injuries. Some, though, kill people whether because of weather conditions or equipment failures or because a driver is careless or negligent.

This was the case in a recent fatal car accident in the parking lot of a church in Florida. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a 79-year-old female driver accidentally sent her car into reverse instead of drive and plowed into a group of pedestrians behind her vehicle. The FHP cited the driver for improper backing. The car collision led to the deaths of three individuals and injured four other people.

Box truck strikes patrol car near Tampa, injuring two people

In Hillsborough, Florida, many local businesses rely on trucks for deliveries and other services, which causes these huge vehicles to be ever-present on roads and highways. Visual inspection of these trucks allows an understanding of their damaging capabilities in traffic accidents. Eighteen-wheelers, box trucks and tractor-trailers haul heavy items, which add to their weight. When these vehicles strike other motor vehicles, such as cars, the latter often sustain serious damage.

Recently, a Florida state trooper experienced the full power of a trucking accident when, after finishing an investigation of an accident, his car was struck by a box truck.

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