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June 2015 Archives

The dangers of spinal cord injury and its ramifications

Motorcyclists in Tampa likely know the risks they face when they go out onto the road. The prospects of a motorcycle collision might not be the foremost thing in their minds, but given their vulnerability and limited ways in which they can protect themselves, there is a significant chance that a crash can lead to injuries severe enough that they will be confronted with permanent disability. A spinal cord injury is one such danger. Understanding the facts about spinal trauma can help a motorcycle accident victim know what the motorcyclist is up against in the present and future.

Statistics and consequences of Florida hit and run

When there is a car accident in Florida, it is expected that those involved will stay on the scene -- regardless of whether it's major or minor accident -- and deal with the situation. However, the number of vehicles that are involved in a hit and run is substantial. The number of fatalities because of this is growing and there is an increased movement afoot to try to prevent and avoid it. The idea is to teach drivers about their responsibilities when there is an accident as well as point out what can happen legally if a hit and run is committed.

Fatal boating accident statistics for 2014

As the warm weather approaches and school is out, people in Florida, and across the country, start to plan vacations. Many of those vacations include water sports and boating excursions. While these are enjoyable activities, there is always the inherent danger of a boating accident. In a worst case scenario, these can end up as a fatal boating accident. The most recent statistics of accidents on boats can help to understand the risks that most people don't like to think about.

What are federal trucking regulations to prevent drowsy driving?

When out on the road in Tampa and throughout Florida, drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians need to be aware of large trucks. These vehicles, while necessary for the transport of goods, can be dangerous due to their size and the attention that is required to operate them safely. Federal trucking regulations are in place to make certain that controllable issues surrounding drivers are adhered to.


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