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July 2020 Archives

Could safety features reduce the chance of an accident?

Cars are smarter and more technologically advanced than ever before. In fact, you may soon be able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that can drive you to your destination. It's logical to assume that safer vehicles would mean a lower rate of car accidents in Florida, but it is also important to consider that humans will still make mistakes behind the wheel. A mistake while driving can have devastating consequences, leaving other people with serious or fatal injuries. 

Why even crosswalks aren't safe for pedestrians

Being a pedestrian in Florida can mean risking life and limb sometimes. Florida has the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the nation, and 9 out of the country's "deadliest cities" for pedestrians are in the state. Pedestrians are regularly admonished by local authorities to use the crosswalks and obey the "Walk" and "Don't Walk" signs at intersections.

Drunk driver just hit your car? Do this

By now, everybody knows that drunk driving isn't just a bad idea -- it's illegal. Yet, there are plenty of people who will still get behind the wheel of their vehicles after having a few drinks. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were over 5,000 crashes involving confirmed drunk drivers in the state in 2018 alone.

What counts as distracted driving? More than you think

When a driver is behind the wheel, his or her main responsibility is to drive safely and pay attention to the task at hand. Unfortunately, many drivers fail in this responsibility and allow certain things to distract them. This can result in car accidents that are completely preventable. Distracted driving is a serious safely threat for Florida drivers.

Why do truck accidents keep increasing?

You can hardly look at the news without seeing something about another major truck accident. Despite all of the attempts to increase safety regulations over the years, the number of fatal truck accidents keeps increasing even though road accidents in general are down.


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