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Taking the right steps in the aftermath of a truck accident

Few people want to think about it when they are out driving on Florida's roads and highways, but every commercial truck they encounter is a potential threat. Whether the dangers are ever realized by motorists and pedestrians depends on how attentive truck drivers are to weather, road and traffic conditions. Unfortunately, a trucking accident has a high probability of causing severe injuries or killing someone.

What statistics show about trucking fatalities across the country

Tampa residents are probably used to sharing the roads with large commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers. These vehicle move two-thirds of the freight across the United States with nearly 11 million trucks traveling the road each year. Despite this large number of trucks, they only make up 4.7 percent of all vehicles in the country - but 12.4 percent of all fatal vehicular accidents. The fatality rate for truck accidents is 17 percent higher than the fatality rate for passenger vehicles.

Tractor-trailer accident leaves one injured, another critical

Besides being massive, trucks are also not known for their maneuverability. For this reason, truck drivers should have the necessary skills and experience before getting behind the wheel. Automobile drivers should also be extra cautious, as a single miscalculation can cause a truck accident that can result in serious injuries and even the loss of life.

Box truck strikes patrol car near Tampa, injuring two people

In Hillsborough, Florida, many local businesses rely on trucks for deliveries and other services, which causes these huge vehicles to be ever-present on roads and highways. Visual inspection of these trucks allows an understanding of their damaging capabilities in traffic accidents. Eighteen-wheelers, box trucks and tractor-trailers haul heavy items, which add to their weight. When these vehicles strike other motor vehicles, such as cars, the latter often sustain serious damage.

Truck accident near Tampa leaves two people injured

Trucks have a tremendous economic impact because, given their size, they can transport heavy goods to many points across the country. Nevertheless, their design can put the lives of other people on the road at risk when they are involved in an accident.

Teen dies in recent Tampa truck accident

An accident that involves a large truck is more likely to be fatal than a collision between two passenger vehicles. As Tampa Bay residents know well, trucks are heavier and more powerful than other vehicles. This difference in weight and power makes a truck an extremely dangerous piece of machinery if operated by a negligent trucker.

Shorter hours imposed on truckers to prevent truck accidents

Drivers in the Tampa area know that there can be devastating consequences brought on by accidents involving large commercial trucks and smaller vehicles. The weight disparity between the vehicles can result in very severe collisions, ultimately leading to serious injuries and death to drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles.


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