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Know the signs of distracted driving

You can do everything in your power to keep yourself, your passengers and all others in your vicinity as safe as possible when you get behind the wheel to drive. And sometimes you can prevent another person's poor choices on the road. For instance, if your friend has had too much too drink, you may be able to convince him or her to hand over the keys.

Phone makers could prevent texting and driving, but will they?

Every day on their way to work or school numerous drivers can be seen with their eyes down, immersed in their phones. The growing issue of texting and driving can be seen everywhere. In fact, the number of people texting and driving have increased from 1.7 percent in 2013 to 2.2 percent in 2014. Recently the public has caught wind that smartphone companies have the capability to put a stop to this problem, yet have not taken action.

Driving while drowsy: The other type of impaired driving

Every year, thousands of motorists are killed in accidents across the country. Many of these accidents are caused by impaired or distracted driving. Most people recognize the dangers of drinking and driving due to government enforcement programs, as well as public awareness campaigns. More recently, awareness of the dangers of texting and using smart phones while driving has been on the rise. However, there is one type of impaired driving that many people have probably participated in that they may not even be aware of, and that is driving while sleep deprived. 

Tampa event urges lawmakers to enact distracted driving laws

A roomful of people listened to panelists talk about the dangers of distracted driving at the first Distracted Driving Summit in Tampa this week. One of the panelists was a mother who lost her teenage daughter and unborn grandchild in a distracted driving car accident two years ago. The teenager was crossing a street when a distracted driver on a cell phone hit her; she died from her injuries at the hospital.


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