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February 2016 Archives

Legal help after an auto accident with a taxi or bus in Florida

For people in Florida who do not have a car or do not drive, transportation is often limited to either public means via bus or by using a taxi. With that in mind, these vehicles are a ubiquitous presence on the roads. While the majority of these vehicles are driven safely and within the confines of the law, there are inevitable instances when there will be an auto accident with a taxi or bus. Those who are involved in a crash with a bus or taxi in their own vehicles or are hit by a bus or taxi when bicycling or as pedestrians need to be aware of how to pursue legal compensation after the fact.

Man killed in fatal motorcycle crash with wrong-way driver

There are many motorcycles on the road in Florida and it is important that the riders and drivers of conventional vehicles share the road and do so safely. Unfortunately, accidents will happen to motorcycle riders and, given their vulnerability, there is a significant chance of catastrophic injuries and a fatal motorcycle crash. A motorcycle accident victim and the victim's family need to understand the consequences that can accompany a motorcycle accident and consider legal action to be compensated for their damages.

Legal assistance after a Florida fatal boating accident

Given the warm weather in Florida, some of the most common leisure activities that people indulge in involves the water and boats. Unfortunately, with these activities comes the danger that there will be an accident. In many of these, it will end in a fatal boating accident. In addition to the loss of a loved one, those who are left behind will have the come to grips with the loss of companionship and financial ramifications of a loved one's untimely death. It is in these situations when it is imperative to speak to an attorney about a lawsuit to receive compensation.

Changes to federal trucking regulations proposed

One of the biggest issues that the federal government is concerned with when it comes to regulating truck drivers is how to ensure safety. Federal trucking regulations affect people in Florida and across the country as they seek to prevent accidents involving these vehicles. Because these trucks are so large and travel long distances at great speeds, there is a significant chance of a crash with serious injuries and deaths. With that in mind the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is moving forward with a new proposed rule to try and find those who do not adhere those implemented by the FMCSA.


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